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I even went to the extreme to text this young lady which she denied having good a relationship with him. He secretly send her to and fro from work everyday. He even told me that it's no big deal sending a female colleague to and fro from work everyday and going out dinner every night and having drinks with this lady. They are still continuing these routines I think I had got enough of his nonsenses. I m thinking of filing for separation. Would like to hear from you ladies about your thoughts on this.

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Suggest my 2cents worth That's the only way to twist her arm n make her walk out. The main problem is yr hubby. How old is yr child? How many kids? May i suggest u start rainy day savings n keep all household receipts. Feel free to PM me.

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Hi glado I did boddly send a text to that young chic and she denied on everyday. They still continue. Am extremely is disappointed. I say him secretly bringing the phone into the washroom again this morning. How should I get the evidence? Is it expensive? Any recommendations? My kid is 9 by the way. I was in your husband's shoes.

Text, meals, etc. Just that my ex confronted me and i admitted it.

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Eventually he filed for divorce after i showed no sign of returning to the marriage. He filed based on unreasonable behavior and court granted it. Depends if you want to try salvage the marriage and see if ur husband is willing to as well. If not, probably just end it Just that my new "ship" is also a "sinking ship".

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Hi ash 11 Thx foe sharing ur story. I actually quarreled and argued with him over this and had forgiven him and gave him chances for 5times. I did not do anything with this gal and what is the problem of having drinks dinner and sending the gal to work? To me, these behavioursites ate wrong. Would like to hear all your thoughts too.

go to link That's kind of human nature Given that it's over a year and if he shows no signs of remorse, he may just be pushing his luck because he may think u will just nag and scold and thats about it If you have no kids, things are much easier. I have 2 kids 3 and 5 - and it's messier than anything and a whole lot more to handle. But whatever it is, divorce is the last way out. If he refuses to cooperate, maybe he'll only wake up after being served the divorce papers. If he doesnt wake up with that, then at least u know his true colors.

U will need to take ur child into consideration too in this case Ash11 Please please do not be impulsive U will be only the lossinf end of the stick if u are the plaintiff.

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Hello everyone, I am writing in, seeking for support, as I have yet to cry when I found out my husband broke his promises again. I didn't have that devastated heart pain and crying miserably experiences which I felt previously. I feel numb. First time I was pregnant with our first child when I found out that he went for paid services on two occasions that I know of.

I didn't confront him until months later during a big argument about other marital issues. His excuse was I was rejecting him sexually and he needed to release. I forgave him and we moved on. Second time I found out that he had been flirting with girls on tinder and facebook. It was very disrespectful to expose our children and myself his wife to women out there.

I spoke to one of the girls, she apologised and she claimed that my husband loves me very much and she won't get involved if she knows that I do not know about her existence. I confronted my husband and he said he will put an end to everything. The next day, I found out that few months back when our children and I were away, he had brought a couple back to our home and had threesome on the same same sofa our children plays and sleeps on. It was disgusting. He kept lying that there was nothing more, yet I was able to find out more sexual escapades.

Well, in the end, he made promise to me that he will never ever lie to me again, and he will not hurt our family again.

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I forgave him and I did not penalise him for the past mistakes. Third time Just 3 months after the big discovery and soul searching moment He has succumbed to temptation again. I found out my husband attempted to get paid sexual services while he was overseas for work. I didn't want to confront him this time, as I figured he will just pass it off as being curious about the reactions he will get from the prostitutes etc. I knew very well that had the girls not be late, he would've gone ahead with the service. But after a few days after I found about this, he got defensive when I asked him to 'housekeeping' his facebook friends.

There are some women who are obviously not friends in real life. Broke into a mini argument, and eventually I revealed what I know he did.

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He apologised but still giving reasons to excuse why he did it. I said the mere fact that he still have to back his 'sorry' with information to validate what he did, means he feels he is not wrong. He is selfish to put me in a insecure position to wonder and fear, to become a wife who checks on husband. I am not the type who invade privacy, I respect personal space. For all the times I found out, it was chanced upon while I was fixing his phone, etc. I hate it when he points fingers at me, avoiding the main issue.

He said he don't feel love from me, that I am often too busy with kids to text him while he is overseas, etc. I am not considering a divorce of leaving him. But I really feel drained. It is so hard to stay strong and put on big happy smile, but I need to because I don't want to affect our two young toddlers.

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