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Ear Spy attempts to improve your hearing with the power of Android. Depending on how good your phone it, it can become a high-powered listening device like a hear aid or a super Spy App. It is the Ultimate Eavesdropping Tool. With the Pro Version, you get a more powerful equalizer, a homescreen widget, and the power to record to mp3. Please try the free version to see if it works with yours before paying for the full version. With some bluetooth headsets, you can eavesdrop from the next room tested with the Motorola HT Headset.

Ear Spy amplifies sound coming through your phone microphone straight to your earphones. To fine-tune the incoming signal, use the graphic audio equalizer. Concerned about Security? Whether you use it to listen to what you're not supposed to hear, or to hear better the things you should, but can't -- Ear Spy is a tool you have to try. Some people use it to eavesdrop.

Others use it as a hearing aid. Some just use it to hear the television better.

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Amplify your Hearing A simple idea to feed the sound coming into your phone or tablet microphone and go straight to your headphones. Use the graphic equalizer to fine-tune what you hear. Some devices work well with a bluetooth stereo headset.

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This will allow you to get closer to what you are trying to hear. Make sure you try on a the free app before purchasing the full version. With the exception of Google Analytics standard in apps and is totally anonymous , we know nothing about you. Nothing gets sent to our servers or transmitted over the internet.

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We can't spy on you. The free version of Ear Spy is fully working. We make money from the display of ads and sales only. We do not take any personal information from you. Every time you click a picture your phone vibrates in your hand and there is a notification on the screen that the image has been taken; you can turn off both these features if you want, and ideally you should to maintain the secrecy.

The settings tab of the app can be accessed by using your phone button and there are quite a few things that you can do in here. You can set the image for your screen, choose among different modes, set transparency levels, choose to hide photos from gallery, and a couple more. If you ever thought or wished to be a secret agent, I am sure you are going to like this addition in this spy apps list.

Like every agent, Secret Agent is an app that can perform multiple tasks and saves you the burden of downloading different apps for different purposes. The main menu of the app displays that you can decipher locations of your phone, click images in different spy modes, record secret audios, generate different reports, and view available wifi connections and more. All these features have a taste of a secret agent device fed profusely in them. You can start off with the Diagnostics option which generates important information like CPU report, battery stats.

Then there is an option to view locations on Radar, a torch with SOS mode enabled, and also a compass to check your position. You can also record audios and the app has devoted a large chunk of space for it.

Ear Spy: Super Hearing 1.1 Update

The camera on this app has three different modes: infrared, thermal and security camera. You can secretly click pictures in these different modes. The app has been designed with intent to get useful secret information and also show off at the same time. The entire agent thing gives a good touch to the app.

Spy Voice Recorder is the next among 7 free spy apps reviewed here. This is an app to secretly record audios of your friends, family members, or random things happening around you. You can listen to the last recorded audio by hitting the play button given alongside, and also the other recorded audios that are saved in the gallery. However, while I was testing the app this function did not work and I could not find the recorded audios; they simply vanished. Also, the app crashed a few times and there were a lot of ads irritating me to the hilt. However, the app does have the potential of impressing a few users mainly due to its two interesting features.

First of them is the amazing interface of the app. You are greeted with a yellow color interface with a cassette printed over it; the colors can be changed from the settings menu. Another good feature is that you can share the recorded audios with your friends through mail; only if you can find them in your gallery Pun Intended. Nevertheless, try it out from the link given below.

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Secret Video Recorder is next among the spy apps reviewed here. The name of the app says a lot about it.

Ear Spy: Super Hearing

It is a good quality efficient app that lets you record videos secretly. The recording is done in the background and nothing is reflected on your phone screen. Once the recording is over, you can view it in the folders, the icon for which is given in top right corner of the screen.

This free video recorder has a couple of more interesting features. It lets you schedule videos; the recording will start as soon as the set time arrives, even if the app in not active at that time. All you have to is set date and time in the schedule tab. The fact that it is placed last is the list is just a coincidence and has got nothing to do with its efficiency or usage.

In fact, this turns out to be a pretty fine app with different tools that you might require. This app acts as a three in one app as it lets you record secret audios, videos, and take pictures secretly. All the three options are given on the main menu and you have to choose between them according to your needs.

Ear Spy for Android - Download

In order to make sure that the actions remain a secret, there are various ways that you can use like set a particular time, enable gestures, etc. While the recording is going on, there is wallpaper shown on the screen to misguide others. You can also replace this default wallpaper by importing any image from your gallery. While you are recording stuff, or taking pictures, there are a few options that you find on your screen. These options reflect different ways to start the recording.

You can either set a time, or start recording with a gentle movement, or set a volume level. When the app detects that a certain volume level is reached, the recording will start. There are settings in each of these options that will have to go through while enabling them. In case, you do not understand anything, go through the tutorials given in the settings tab. Check it out from the link given below. So, I have acquainted you with a bunch of good spy apps that you can have on your respective mobile phones to do and record all the mischievous stuff happening around.

From recording audios to listening to things around you, from detecting locations to generating mobile stats, these above mentioned apps cover different aspects and cover them efficiently. However, there might be a few occasions when they may not work, but that is quite understandable and worth bearing with. Lastly, since all these spy apps perform different functions, there is not much to compare, or rate which one is better; although I can safely say that due to its technical problems Spy Voice Recorder is a disappointment.

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