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To learn more about the native parental control options available in all the most popular operating systems out there today, read on in our guide to find out everything you need to know! To set up the parental controls available in Windows versions 7 and up, start by navigating to the Settings app from your Start menu:.


This will take you to the parental control panel. From here, scroll down to Family options , a link which will take you to your Microsoft account in your preferred browser:. All family options are managed from the browser, a method used to prevent kids from being able to tweak internal settings inside Windows that might try to override any instructions the OS receives from the cloud. To manage time limits, start by clicking on the link labeled Screen Time. Here is where you can restrict the types of games, apps, and programs that kids can use based on their age group and your preferences.

The Best Parental Control Software and Apps of 12222

Unfortunately much of the more specific restrictive capabilities are limited exclusively to Microsoft apps, which as most of us know, only make up a very small portion of the suite of programs that we and our kids like to use on a daily basis. Similarly, the only web-blocking options in Windows 10 are those available for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Click the lock icon in the bottom left and authenticate yourself with the administrator account password. Next, choose the account from the left-hand list that you want to place parental controls on:.

In the Apps window you can limit what kind of software your child will have access to, as well as controls like whether or not they can turn on the camera, join multiplayer games through Game Center, or are limited to a select number of contacts through the Mail app. Pretty standard web surfing restrictions here, nothing of note to mention beyond what you should expect in similar parental control applications.

The Stores tab can disable access to iTunes, iTunes U, and the iBooks Store, and will also restrict the types of games, apps, and movies that your child can get access to through the iTunes store. Time works in the same way as other time restricters on this list do, allowing you the ability to strictly control exactly how long your child is allowed to use the Mac, and what time of day it automatically shuts off.

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The Privacy tab is interesting in that it lets you control what kind of data is gathered on your child by third-party apps, and lets you better control what type of information their favorite applications and games are gathering on them while they browse and play. Next, once you have the kids added to your iCloud account, open up the Settings app and scroll down to Screen Time :.

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To create a Downtime block, start by tapping on the Downtime option from the main Family Sharing screen:. Next is Allowed Apps , which generally controls which official Apple apps your child is allowed to use. Google manages its parental control systems through an app known as Family Safe , and although we would normally recommend going the official route in these cases, thousands of user reviews say otherwise. According to the reviews posted on the Google Play page, the app will often let kids go well beyond the limits that the app places on their downtime, and struggles to keep them from downloading other apps that can simply get around the Family Safe limitations.

This is why we recommend choosing one of the parental control suites mentioned above. Why should I pay for extra for anything else? The main problem that many parents face with that approach is that for every platform your child uses, a new set of rules and regulations need to be set up and enforced. We like that Bark encourages proactive parental engagement, not just overarching parental control.

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And the company uses child psychologists to provide parents with advice and recommendations about how to deal with any scary situations that come up. But it does offer a free 7-day trial period, and you can use the app on an unlimited number of devices. Even though we think it steals the show when it comes to social media monitoring, Bark is missing a few features we expect from a parental control app, like screen time monitoring and a content filter. I was expecting it to be more difficult, but the whole process was simple.

It worked right away. Read our full Bark review. Qustodio is one of the most comprehensive parental control apps available, and we like that you can choose between a free basic version or pay up to access extra features. One of our favorite Qustodio features is the panic button. Kids can access the panic button through the Qustodio app on their smartphone. When they hit the button, you get an instant panic alert—and thanks to location tracking, you can pinpoint exactly where your kid is when they call for help.

And if your child has an Android device, you can track calls and texts and block any contacts you deem inappropriate. If you have several children you want to keep track of, Qustodio offers plans that cover between five and 15 devices. Read our full Qustodio review. Net Nanny offers a lot of features and has a strong reputation, but setup is a struggle and it costs a little more than some other options out there. In our testing, Net Nanny was the most difficult parental control app to set up—it took almost an hour to get it up and running on just one device.

Once Net Nanny was installed, we were impressed with how easy it was to block access to specific websites and apps, and the remote time-out feature was a big hit. I watched violent and scary film trailers easily—just searched for the title of the movie. For example, I could Google Cardi B and see the search results and click through to look at her Instagram feed. Read our full Net Nanny review.

World's Most Powerful Parental Control App

Kaspersky delivers a lot for a low price. Boomerang offers an impressive number of parental control features, but its use is limited for iOS devices.

We tested it on an iOS device and all we could do was block specific websites you have to block by name, not category and track location. But if you have an Android device, you can manage apps, filter content, set up geofences, monitor text messages, keep tabs on YouTube views, and more. One thing we like about Boomerang is its uninstall protection. Plus, now you can also get updates when your child uses their data plan away from home. Formerly known as Disney Circle, this device blankets your home network with protection—and it now protects every device that uses your home Wi-Fi, plus mobile devices when you download the Circle app.

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Its features are limited compared with actual parental control apps, but you can still filter content, manage screen time, and pause or block internet access. We think the combination of Circle watching over your home network and one of the other parental control filters on our list is the safest way to go. When kids are little and first start to play on a phone or tablet, Circle provides solid general protection.

As they get older and start browsing on their own and using social networks, add another layer of protection with an app. When it comes to the internet, the best backup you can have is a parental control app or web filtering software. These tools help set safe boundaries that let your children explore the online world with limited risk. It is a big responsibility for parents to keep a regular check To know more about benefits and premium feature comparison. World's Most Powerful Parental Control App Reclaim your family moments by managing content and usage across all devices.

Live Chat Get Started Now. Homework Time Kids can hardly take their eyes off their phones and focus on their homework but not anymore! Put the web on a leash with Internet Filtering New Control what websites, images, videos, and other content your children can access on the internet.

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Block Pornography Worried your children might be able to get access to pornographic material on their devices? SafeSearch Do you think your children might be on the internet looking for the wrong kind of content? Web Filter The internet is a minefield of inappropriate content. Learn More Get Started Now. Learn More Family Locator Family Locator is the best and most accurate way of finding out where your kids are at the moment.

Learn More Location Tracking With FamilyTime cell phone tracker, you can get detailed location history of all the places they visit in a given time. Media Just Loves Us. FamilyTime is easy install on your child's device. Parents need to install Dashboard App to manage all family devices.

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