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During a conversation, simply make a call from the surveillance number to be automatically connected to the current conversation and be able to listen in.

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The function is activated via the control panel after logging into your account. The connection is discreet , not indicated or recorded on the iPhone. At the start of every call incoming or outgoing an SMS is automatically sent to the supervisory number to notify you about the conversation.

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The SpyPhone iOS software sends the message discreetly - information is not stored on the phone. Call filtering can be enabled to reduce the number of call notifications. Copies of the messages are automatically sent to the server. The SpyPhone iOS Extreme software intercepts emails that are sent and received by the default mail client and forwards them without attachments to the server.

The messages are not stored or listed in the phone as having ever been sent. Copying notes , calendar entries, and providing a list of installed apps , and more. The SpyPhone iOS Extreme software runs in the background and does not affect the day-to-day running of the phone. It offers maximum discretion and is not visible in the phone. Furthermore, it is possible to remove the Cydia icon Cydia is required to install the SpyPhone software. The licence is granted for a period of one year from the date of purchase and can be activated on a compatible phone.

When the licence period has expired, it may be renewed upon payment for another year. Spy Shop is a company created for the needs of providing high class spy devices constructed for monitoring and protecting the property, protecting confidential information, anti-spy activities, supervision and many others. The target group of Spy Shop are as well individual Comment : This surveillance software is great!

Totally recommend! Report abuse. Comment : my daughter is the biggest Apple fan ever so she got gold iphone 5s and I bought myself peace of mind Report abuse. You need to accept the conditions.

Consent for my personal data. My account. If you want to track an iPhone, you first must download and install the app from their official website.

What Can FlexiSPY's iPhone Spy Software Do?

The good thing is that there is non-stop customer support, but the negative side of mSpy is that it is a bit expensive, and it requires the iPhone to be jailbroken. Spyzie is an iPhone spying app that comes with a group of features for monitoring and tracking the iPhone devices. It is also compatible with iOS 11 and new iPhones.

With Spyzie, you can monitor text messages and get information about incoming and outgoing calls from the iPhone. It can be synchronized with the iCloud, giving you access from everywhere. However, the biggest drawback of Spyzie is its limited performance. Sometimes this app lags, which causes problems and becomes less effective. This spy app is not that long on the market, so it still needs improvement. Maybe the price of this app is lower than the other apps, but its functionality is not that great.

Also, Spyzie's compatibility with iPhones is limited. Spyzie can only be used on those iPhones that are not jailbroken, and there is no support for jailbroken devices. The major attraction of Spyzie is in its price. Although Spyzie is an affordable app, it lacks the necessary advanced features, and it cannot be successfully installed on jailbreak iPhones. TrackMyFone completes the list of top 5 spy apps for iPhone in If you are a concerned parent that wants to make sure your kids are safe online, then this app is a good option for you.


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The app allows you to monitor your kids' iPhone activity, and you can control their devices remotely. There are a few dozen features available with this app and TrackMyFone is compatible with iPhone and iPad as well. Unlike most other spy apps, TrackMyFone does not require you to download it and install it. You just need to get access to the iCloud information of the device to pair it with the iPhone or iPad. It also does not require jailbreaking the iPhone. TrackMyFone is fully compatible with all iOS operating devices starting from 6.

TrackMyFone comes with a single package which you can subscribe to on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. It is an affordable app but comes with fewer features in comparison to other well-established spy apps on the market. Significant cons of this app are that you cannot access Facebook messages on the iPhone, and you cannot record calls in WhatsApp. We have considered a few important factors when rating these apps. They are the following:.

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Each of the mentioned spy apps does an excellent job in tracking and monitoring iPhone devices. However, not all are fully compatible with all versions of iPhones, and they also have different prices to use them. Customer support also differs from one app to another, and all spy apps come with slightly different features. Ultimately, it all depends on personal preference, which spy app you choose to use for your needs.

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However, we have done our best to try them all, check their best features and see their cons first hand. Instead of burning yourself by using all apps and ending up disappointed, we have done that for you. You can use this is a guide about what can you expect from each of the mentioned spy apps for iPhone. It provides the best value for money invested, and it is packed with several dozen features that are extremely helpful.

Top-notch customer support, compatibility with all devices and having many pros over cons make NEXSPY the best spy app for iPhone in Other apps are useful and have their own positive characteristics, but NEXSPY has something extra that other apps lack. If you want to avoid wasting time trying different apps and see what they offer, we suggest you take our word and use NEXSPY.

The monitoring process is excellent, and you control and check everything from a straightforward control panel. This quality app is simple, fast, reliable and very easy to use. The best iPhone spy apps. Just open the inbox of the targeted device remotely and get an insight into the inbox and outbox.

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Call tracking is another feature through which you can see all incoming and outgoing calls from the phone you are tracking. Even the missed calls are recorded too. GPS tracking is an excellent option for tracking the phone if it gets lost or stolen. Monitor everything that is happening on these social media platforms. View all photos, videos, galleries and even access those files that have been deleted.

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